Why work with a software developer when building your digital product

Why work with a software developer when building your digital product

In our ever digital world many businesses employ people who have the technical skills to deliver a software solution into their business directly so why should they engage with a 3rd party software provider like us? We’ve provided some of the circumstances when you maybe should start to consider doing this: –


  • Skills – There are an ever increasing number of skills required to create, develop and deliver software solutions, this increases the chance of a member of your in-house team not having the capability to do some of the steps in the process. Using a 3rd party company will enable you to cover any such skills gaps ensuring there is no compromises made on the final product.


  • Balancing projects and day to day work – Your in-house team are going to have a range of other duties to perform for your business meaning they are not going to be able to commit 100% of their time to this project. Using only your in-house team will put a lot of pressure on them to essentially do two jobs at once. Getting a 3rd party company in will allow them to focus on their day to day operations whilst giving them the opportunity to work on the project without the fear that the project has come grinding to a halt.


  • Time – This is related to the point above, if your software has been deemed as a priority, it is inevitable that by only using your in-house team you will miss the pre-defined deadline. The reality of day-to-day business means there is always a fire to fight, an emergency that needs dealing with. All of this means that your in-house team will not have been able to allocate the amount of time they would have liked to work on the project. Utilising a 3rd party company will mean they can pick up any slack, they can be the ones driving the project forwards and ensuring it gets delivered on time. They will not have the day-to-day reasons/ excuses as to why the project did not get finished on time because this is their day-to-day work.


  • A new/ different way of thinking – Often when you are deep into a project you cannot see the woods for the trees. A 3rd party provider can provide a fresh perspective to an issue or identify an opportunity for improvement in your software. Having different people collaborating on a project allows for a greater variety of ideas to problem solve or to add value to a project.


  • It’s the best of both worlds – One of the biggest advantages of having your in-house team complete the project is that they know your business, they understand its nuances and its processes whereas a 3rd party company is going to need a lot of information (and therefore time) from you in order to be able to do this. Working with a 3rd party ensures your in-house team is available to advise the 3rd party when an element of the software needs tweaking slightly or when something needs to be taken out or added into the system to make it fit your processes but ensures the project gets done on time, on budget and to your requirements.


To summarise; It’s important to properly scope the project and assess the technical capability and size of your in house team and compare that with the size, complexity and urgency of the project. Measuring these factors should help you to decide when it’s time to call a 3rd party provider to help your team deliver the software you need to take your business to the next level. Red Robot Systems are adapt at working with clients in-house development teams to deliver projects that add real value to their businesses so if you are considering embarking on a software project contact us for a chat about what we could do to help.