Windows gets beat for the first time ever as the most popular OS

Windows gets beat for the first time ever as the most popular OS

Android recently beat Windows by the smallest of margins, just 0.02% to be the most popular operating system based on data from March 2017. Android pipped Windows to the post claiming 37.93% of the market compared to the 37.91% Windows grabbed. iOS was third with 13.09%

This was based on research gathered by StatCounter which based these results from 15 billion page views over 2.5 million sites. This was the first time Windows has not been number one and StatCounter stated that this was a milestone in technology history and the end of an era.

Windows is still in dominant form in the desktop market with 84% of all PC’s accessing the internet using a Microsoft Operating System. These results show changing trends and habits. One of the biggest influences to this change is smartphones and tablets – they are still enjoying phenomenal success and growth and this is reflected in these figures. Add to that the fact that PC sales are starting to drop due to changing trends and price increases in components.

It’s perhaps surprising to see Android being the ones to knock Microsoft off their perch and not Apple, after all Apple were the first ones into the smart device market, with Android nearly a year behind them. Usually being first to market results in being first in the rankings. However Android has 81.7% of the global smartphone OS market. Contrast this with Windows on Smartphones – 0.3%, ouch.

Samsung is the dominant brand using Android and this is reflected when you compare sales figures against PC’s. In Q4 2016 Samsung sold 306.4 million units compared to Lenovo (the world’s leading PC maker) who sold 15.8 million units.

It will be interesting to see what (if anything) Windows can and will do to get back to number one and whether this is something that even bothers them that much as Microsoft still profits from Android as many of its device makers pay them royalties through patent licensing deals.