When will Technology End?

When will Technology End?

When will technology end? When I was younger I never had to compete with technology and phones, as we grew up smartphones and technology is everywhere. Technology will never stop developing, but how do we know when its gone too far? Yes it is a truly revolutionizing and  fascinating subject to talk about, and its amazing what some people can make through technology, such as AI and the use of big data. But also in recent years technological issues are becoming increasingly noticeable. More computer software and programs are making it easier and more susceptible to hackers and malware.

Its generally ascertained that technology is a good thing. Just the general notion tech is becoming too much causes many debates. The main premise is 1. technology makes our lives easier both in work and out of work. 2. Its been found that technology raises individuals standard of living. Whether the latter is really true is unknown. All that is definitely known is that without these technological innovations, life would be more difficult. You can’t go to a restaurant or walk down the road without seeing someone engaging with their phone. Gone are the days of face-to-face communications, with more stores opting for self-checkout service and online collection. Is this making people lazy and idle? Only time will tell.

Furthermore, on one side of the spectrum having talking toilets to smart homes, where does it end. In reflection smart homes are the thing of the future with most households embracing this, talking toilets is questionable.

Take Silicon Valley for example, considered the most technologically ambitious heart of the world, questioning the benefits of technology is considered downright sacrilegious. In under 30 years years, the Valleys identity has shifted from creativity, diversity and industrialism to a plugged in industry.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Technology

Lets get to the point, what are the benefits and drawbacks of technological innovation:


  • Makes life easier
  • Improve standard of living
  • Increased productivity within the business world
  • AI
  • Medical help – technology can help treat more sick people, saving more lives


  • Makes people lazy
  • Some companies taking it to far i.e.
  • Lack on face-to-face communication
  • Isolation of the elderly/tech adverted
  • Lack of privacy

Only time will tell about just how far technology has gone. But what is necessary to know. Is just how far will it go? When should it stop? When will technology end?


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