What does software look like & how does it work?

What does software look like & how does it work?

We often get asked what does software look like and how does it work? I must have tried to explain it one hundred different ways but I often feel like I leave the person who asked feeling more confused than when they asked me. The below is my latest attempt!

Here I have tried to break up the 3 main layers that go into making a piece of software, these elements are all present in some form in any piece of software.  I’ve also tried to link it with a simplistic example, note the typical languages/ frameworks that are used in each stage and attempted to describe how software works with integration. The main discussion points in question is the front end (presentation layer), the middle ware (middle tier), back end (persistence layer) and lastly integration.

Red Robot Systems pride themselves with system integration, most software’s developed incorporate integration one way or another. All or most software is designed to streamline processes and help businesses become more efficient and productive.

The below is a very basic overview; I hope any of this helps and that’s its understandable. Remember if you have a software project you would like to discuss please get in touch.

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