Tips in Choosing an Outsourcing Developer

Tips in Choosing an Outsourcing Developer

Need a new software? Don’t have your own in house developers? Don’t know where to begin looking?

Then look no further than this blog, it provides tips in outsourcing developers. Did you know the main reason that businesses decide to outsource software/web development is the reduction of expenses. Also streamlining business processes. Still, the process of choosing the best company to do your outsourcing comes with many trials and tribulations. Some of which are operational, reputational and financial. You must be interested in outsourcing, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

59% of companies outsource software developers to reduce/control costs.

57% of companies outsource because of focus on business objectives.

78% of business owners across the globe are satisfied with their outsourcing partners. 

We have compiled a list of Tips in outsourcing developers.


Tips in Outsourcing Developers

  1. Examine and Research the outsourcing company you are considering.

This is probably the most important point for businesses to consider. Do not believe everything people and the company say. Yes, testimonials can be helpful and insightful to see what customers have said. But bear in mind, no one or company will provide a bad testimonial, or if they do, it will not be displayed on the website. Check reviews for a clearer picture. It is important to estimate the results, not what others have said.

  1. Look around.

It is beneficial to shop around and look at other options. Closely sharing the same outlook as the previous tip, it is vital to view other developers and possibilities rather than committing straight away to the first outsourcing developer that comes up in the organic search engine. Not every company will have what you are looking for. Find a company that you feel you can relate to and what they do matches your vision. Just because one company recommends them, doesn’t mean they will be perfect for you.

     3. Finance. 

It may be instinct to choose a developing company that is cheap and cheerful, but don’t just choose one that may be strictly cost effective. Just because its cheap doesn’t mean it will be a good software, or a make do software. It is worth investing a bit more money into systems that will last, therefore using a slightly more expensive developer maybe the best way forward. It will more than likely be worth it in the long-term.

  1. Outsourcing Company’s Domain expertise.

Another criterion that should shape your opinion is domain expertise – area of professional skills. Outsourcing companies need to provide information on certification and other certified high-grade standards, just like any other company. Find out what technologies the vendor is more proficient in, past software’s and achievements/quality.

  1. Commercial flexibility and contracting practices.

Lastly, many established and mature software developers are more flexible than younger newer companies when it comes to delivery and pricing. They tend to offer fixed deliveries and prices for the documented projects. Don’t let this put you off new up and coming software developers when outsourcing, always look around as said earlier. You may be pleasantly surprised by newer companies.


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