Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance System

Your employees are the main elements and foundations of any business. Without them the stability of your company is questioned. The Time and attendance system are designed to help your business by enabling companies to better control of their employees.

Measures time and attendance, holiday, sickness and absence recording, management and authorisation.

It is important to choose the products that work specifically for your business. The Time and Attendance system is easy to use; one software that tracks time and locations for all employees. The location setting enables remote workers to log time anywhere under guidelines given by the company. Approval is needed. Featuring real-time reporting enabling businesses to gain insight into financing and simply report on anything quickly and with ease.

One of the main characteristics with the system is its integration with payroll solutions. Linking real time data with payroll solutions enables accurate payments to be executed, reducing the chance of miss calculation and errors. Reducing costs and ensuring less time-consuming processes.

Integrated and helps monitor and ascertain data for payroll solutions. We provide a wide range of tools to help businesses/organisations manage the administrative side of your payroll processes. Our solutions include authorisation workflow and functionality.

  • Configurable and flexible technology that fits to your company needs.
  • Integration with any Payroll system, CRM system or Project management.
  • Clear and concise reporting

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