Why use a Time & Attendance Software in your Business

Why use a Time & Attendance Software in your Business


Your business would be nothing without your employees, so why would you not have a strong Time and attendance software embedded into your business. You cannot have one thing without the other, no employees mean no time and attendance system. This system allows businesses to better control their employees. Enabling employees to book holidays, report sickness and absence and so on.

On reflection, the benefits significantly outweigh the weaknesses of having a time and attendance system in place. If you have one currently in place, you can stop reading now as your probably know why it’s a good idea, however you could carry on reading to see why else it is important. Therefore, this blog will significantly highlight the many reasons for using this type of system in the workplace.

Time to get to the nitty gritty, So Why use a time and attendance system. The software is easy to use, anyone can use it. It is more than just clocking in and clocking out at the beginning and end of your shift.

  • book/request holidays
  • view time sheets
  • make amendments
  • better understanding and access to payroll.

This attribute/characteristic alone indicates many benefits with this.

Flexible, configurable and accurate. Ensure employees are paid for the hours worked rather than when they are contracted to work. Helping you and your business prevent payroll abuse and time fraud. The theory behind this is to enable employers to monitor who has worked, when and how long for. Essentially preventing employees from altering time sheets and clocking in/out whenever. Leading nicely into location tracking and real-time reporting.

Many software’s now come with location-based tracking, enabling the employer to access and see where employees are clocking in and out from, predominately made for the access of remote users. This benefit came of the back of previous systems not incorporating this element, thus, employees pretending to be at work and instead are at home still, therefore preventing absenteeism within the workplace. In addition, the real-time reporting makes the software that bit more accurate, reducing the time put into inputting when you clocked in and out. Making it more time effective and essentially easier.

Swiftly moving away from location and flexibility, but still building on that principle, many businesses have made this software more compatible to assist not just remote workers, but all employees. With the development of an APP, compatible with both android and apple makes working life easier and clocking in and out easier. Being a well-rounded system created to make the work-life balance more significant. See the infographic for more benefits and why you should consider Time and Attendance Software.

There are many benefits highlighted, I have lost count, but you probably get the gist by now. Want to know more about time and attendance software, get in contact today:


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