The Art of Progressive Web APPs (PWA)

The Art of Progressive Web APPs (PWA)

These are a type of application software that is delivered via the web, built using common web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. but, these are intended to work on any device platform – in a way that ascertains the same user experience as typical mobile phone applications.

Web APPs act in the same way as web pages or attempts to act as web pages. They behave like a normal typical APP when accessed and installed on any mobile, tablet device. These APPs are becoming more progressive and easier to maintain and develop than the typical native applications. They utilize the best aspects and features of web and mobile applications, with the addition of a vast web ecosystem, community, and plugins.

Progressive Web APPs (PWA) are like any standard web page/APP, they primarily behave like such, they can send web push notifications, work actively offline and can be attached as an APP or widget to mobile devices home page.

There is a key benefit for utilizing a PWA rather than developing a standard web application and mobile application (one for iOS and one for Android). Establishing a PWA saves expenditure on software development, making just one PWA is easier and less time consuming than a separate web and mobile application.


What is a PWA and why should you utilize it?

  • It should be fast and easy to use
  • Offline support
  • APP should run securely utilizing the common code – i.e. HTTPS
  • Easier to develop and maintain than native applications
  • They combine best features of web and mobile APPs
  • Do not need to access on APP stores


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