Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

 Our full terms and conditions can be found below: –

Bespoke Software

Licensed Software

Our lawyers made us put a load of boring stuff in these documents that we don’t really understand, we reckon you’re too busy to read through these documents too so here they are in a short summary: –

Bespoke Software – We both work together to build the software that you need to make your business better. To do this, together we come up with a plan of what the software will do, we give you a price and if you agree to this price we go and build it to the plan we have both worked on and agreed to. If you want to make changes we will try to accommodate where possible as we understand businesses change but in some circumstances we may have to charge you extra, we will always agree this with you beforehand. Once you have paid us the Software is yours, it’s owned by you and you alone. In our bespoke software you will typically only pay a one off cost (although you may also want to pay for support & software assurance separately), so what we quote you is what you pay with no hidden costs.

Licensed Software – Here we have built software that we think businesses will find useful. You need to evaluate whether you think this software will work for you as we won’t change it if it doesn’t and we don’t offer refunds on licenses you purchase from us so please make sure any software you license from us will fit into your business. We own this software completely, buying a license from us allows you to use our software (as long as you use it for what it’s intended to do). With our licensed software you will pay a recurring monthly or yearly fee to enable you to access our software. We ask you for your payment details upfront and you will not be able to access the software until our license fee has been paid. We will send you invoices for any of our software you purchase a license for. Typically our licensed software is offered as a web based solution so you are going to need access to the internet to use it.

This is the terms and conditions around our software offering in a nutshell. Please note, you cannot solely rely on the information on this page, our full terms and conditions apply at all times so if you want further information or clarity on our terms regarding our software please click on the above links.

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