Support Ticketing

Support Ticketing

Quickly create and manage tickets for your customers through support ticketing. Allocate engineers to tickets and book visits onto an inbuilt calendar. It’s as simple as that.

Connect with customers on any channel and let your customer service shine. Support ticketing when implemented correctly enables a business/organisation to have a smoother operation between themselves and the customer, enhancing customer experience, making the worker smarter and not harder.

Customer support is often overlooked, although it is a vital component in an organisation. Great support vastly increases and improves customer satisfaction, faster response better the relationship. Don’t get caught out by not interacting with customers.

Online support ticketing systems streamlines how you connect and communicate with your customers. Our system brings in customer conversions on more channels than one. Featuring, email and phone, all accessible under one system and location. Get more for your money and reduce your team’s excessive workload.

Our experience in the IT sector means we can provide knowledge on ticketing and other solutions.

A support ticket is a ticket with a task that needs completing. Track the ticket, complete it and its gets saved and reported for future reference. A good support ticket system is the basic element of any customer related job/companies.

Make it easy to manage and track your customer interaction.

Be the company that your customers want you to be and beat the rest.

This Out of the box solution comes with a free trial period to test it out for yourself. Want to know more? Email or call 01642 634865.

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