Spreadsheet solutions

Spreadsheet solutions

We know how popular businesses find using spreadsheets, their versatility, ease of use and availability make Excel the cornerstone for many businesses. We can create clean, professional and intelligent spreadsheets that are easy to use.


We make spreadsheets look good and easy to use no matter how complex the intelligence behind them is. Using techniques we have learned over the years we can ensure that users only input data where they need to reducing errors and improving efficiency.



We are experts are creating macro free spreadsheets by using advanced formulae that help you calculate and control your data.



We can ensure that free typing in your spreadsheets is limited to fields where you want free typing ensuring that formulas and key text is not changed or accidently deleted.

New projects

We can provide a wide range of services, most popular are businesses seeking to start automating their manual processes.

From project management tools, HR & payroll solutions through to pricing calculators we can build professional looking spreadsheets that solve your problems.

With in-built formulas, drop down menus, tables and graphs if you need a new spreadsheet designing and building, we can do it.

Existing Spreadsheets

The chances are that you already using spreadsheets to provide solutions and answer questions in your business, however we know that businesses and processes change and evolve over time and that sometimes these solutions are no longer fit for purpose.

We have vast experience at analysing your spreadsheets and bringing them up to date.

Cleaning your lists

Using advanced techniques we can offer a “data cleaning” service. Here we take your marketing/ contact or other data list and format it to bring it up to date.

We can remove incorrectly formatted data such as incomplete phone numbers, improperly formatted email addresses, split out address fields and a multitude of other operations.

We can do this in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do in house meaning that your staff can focus on more productive areas.