Sales & CRM System

Sales & CRM System

In most businesses Sales & CRM Systems are the epitome, especially in today’s business world.

A light touch system designed for sales professionals. Covering all aspects of the sales process.

This system provides a central place where businesses can monitor prospect data and customer data. It helps manage and monitor every aspect of the sales process, from tracking and monitoring quotes, leads, opportunities, activities and more.  Sales & CRM  helps ensure accuracy and efficiency. Sales systems work with you by integrating systems and delivering reports and the sales pipeline. It enhances business relationships with the customers, essentially helping the business grow.

With Sales & CRM Systems in place, all interactions and activities are integrated into Outlook calendars providing reminders straight to the employer. Alongside, matching activities to Outlook, it allows scheduling and tasks to corroborate with customer data, track every email sent, phone calls made/arranged and add extra notes. Organise follow-ups and the next steps taken in the process.  Ensuring sales opportunities progress, and no customer accounts will be neglected. Email tracking and integration with outlook.

Our solution offers light touch systems designed for sales professionals. Covering all aspects of the sales process, right down to the sales pipeline.

With no CRM…

Consumer and potential consumers details can become lost or forgotten clients. Hindering potential clients through missed opportunities, i.e. emails and correspondence not followed up. If no system is in place and employees leave, company is at risk of loosing critical knowledge.

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