Sales Systems – Myths of the Matter

Sales Systems – Myths of the Matter

Sales Systems goes beyond typical retails sales that everyone has gone through. Whether the process of buying a product in the retail environment to the B2B element of a system. This blog breaks down Sales systems and any myths that is embedded.  Helping you gain a better understanding and insight into the many benefits and opportunities this system offers any business industry.

Sales Systems are cornerstones in most infrastructures. Allowing monitoring and tracking of potential sales and opportunities simpler.

This blog could just relay what a Sales Systems is and what it does, but that would be boring and like any other blogs out there. So, this one is a myth busting article. Alongside a simple definition for sales system.

A sales system helps organisation, by managing contacts better, tracking sales deals more efficiently and saves them time. A sales system is a tool that makes managing your sales opportunities effortless. No matter your job title, sales management systems allow companies to sell more by enabling you to focus on right deals and leads. Essentially a term used more commonly in the retail and franchising industry, however lately it is now being used by many people and industries, for example the legal sector (to monitor cases).

It has been suggested that the demand is greater than expected, PRNewswire reports that the global retail sales market is predicted to exceed $275 billion by 2020.



One myth that is on the cards, is that paper in general is easier than using an electronic Sales Systems. Although, it does seem easier just marking customers off, in today’s environment it does not take one phone call to win a customer, it takes many touches and activities. The ways businesses communicate have changed rapidly, being mainly technology based, one lead/opportunity will be made up from a combination of emails, attachments, SMS, social media, post etc. The Sales Systems can note down and store all conversations and activities made.

Saving your business time and effort.

Myth number 2 is inputting data is time consumer. Yes, this maybe somewhat true, but in the long run it does prove to be time effective. Having all the information inputted will help when having to engage with consumer again and is there for future reference. Nothing is lost or forgotten, which is a downside of documenting sales on paper as suggested in myth 1.

All the best things come in three. Myth buster number 3 is the argument ‘CRM is too complicated’. There is the assumption that to use and understand a sales system, you need tech know how. This couldn’t be farther than the truth. Although, it is heavily cloud based, it has become very user-friendly based in recent years, giving sales peoples no excuse to avoid this system. With any new system/software it takes time to adapt and learn the new system, this is to be expected either way no matter what you do. It is just as simple as riding a bike or learning how to text.

The people who gain the most by adopting a Sales system, are the main people who don’t want it.


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