Room Booking

Room Booking

When it comes to booking a room I know a lot of people will be like me and assume it’s got something to do with a holiday or an event…No just me? I don’t know if it’s just good marketing from or Trivago but my mind just immediately thinks of them two. But of course in true BBC fashion other hotel booking provides are available.

Anyway, let’s put our working or business hat on. Booking a room is usually done for a meeting or an event, right? And this is more often than not done by contacting the receptionist (if you’re lucky enough to work with a receptionist) and asking them to check if said room is available. To which they will need to check their diary and relay the information back to you, who will then need to see if the time and date available is suitable for you and the person your meeting with. To then find out it isn’t and the process starts again taking up precious time we could be spending doing other important tasks like….making….doing….erm… get what I mean. Surely there’s a better way?

Yes, of course there is. Just wing it and walk into your own meeting room and hope that no one comes in whist you’re meeting with your very important client. And if someone does walk in simply say, “Oh I thought I’d booked it?” or the classic “It must have been double booked.” I’m sure that will look professional in front of Jeff Bezos when he comes to chat about your company. Imagine not doing business with Bezos because someone walked in half way through your meeting asking you to get out, all because the room wasn’t correctly booked.

Ok, maybe Jeff Bezos was a little optimistic. But I’m sure you’re getting the picture now. The reason we’ve chosen to highlight Room Booking in this blog is because we (Red Robot) use to be like many others and wing it! And it got to the point that all the companies in our business hub were getting frustrated and in fact losing business. So being the cool guys that we are, we decided to create a solution. Thus our Room Booking Software was born. I know…catchy name right!

We developed this software with the purpose to help ourselves run that bit smoother and save time. We have since decided that because it’s worked so well for us that we would like to help other business centres and offices run as smooth as we do. Also, after receiving feedback from business centres who are already implementing it, we are currently working on adapting the software to be a marketing tool for external bookings for those of you who hire out your lovely rooms. Pretty cool right!

If you would like to find out more information on our Room Booking Software then don’t be shy. Get in touch…

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