Room Booking

Room Booking

Room booking entails booking meeting rooms quickly and easily. Integrates with Outlook and sends meeting recipients venue details.

It is usually done for a meeting or an event. Booking system skips the receptionist element to book a room, by doing it over a web portal. Many businesses typically wing it and hope for the best, this often causes over booking, interruptions all which ca be prevented with a room booking system that we developed to help stop loss business or unprofessional behaviour.

We believe that it’s your office, your people and your software. Red Robot systems pride ourselves in creating software’s and systems designed for you in mind. Our room booking system is an affordable flexible working system, that will help optimise the workplace and reduce costs of hiring rooms.

Easy to find a free room at a click of a mouse. Configured to your organisation and your business premises. Intelligent recurring bookings, and user friendly. Book a room at any time anywhere.

  • Authorize bookings
  • Store information with bookings
  • Booking reminders through system integration with Outlook
  • Recurring bookings

Managing bookings has never been so easy.

Book meeting rooms, boardrooms, seminar rooms, interview and training rooms easily.

Below images are snapshots of the  system in action. Simply choose a room, choose a time and book it.

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