Getting to know more about our languages: React.js & React Native

Getting to know more about our languages: React.js & React Native

We have talked a lot of about coding and programming recently ever since #NationalCodingWeek, it doesn’t seem right how software developers, UI and UX developers and businesses often take programming language for granted. Most of our solutions created and designed use the most common and popular variations of codes there is, React.js and React Native as the front-end and Laravel as the back end. Reactive Native has been around for a few years, becoming the key framework for Android, allowing cross-platform mobile APPs to be created. To coincide with React Native, React.JS is a form of open-source, front end JavaScript library for building UI components or user interfaces.

“React Native is a framework for building mobile applications with JavaScript and leveraging React.js and it uses native UI components.”

React.js was created as a new faster way to render web pages. As the original React language, React Native was released later. This JavaScript library is responsible for building the UI components in order, to render the UI components. It provides support for the server side and front end of pages. The main reason this language is used widely in businesses is because o the document object model (DOM), Reacts model is the fastest version to use, it is the coding language built for speed. Alongside, speed, React.js helps improve debugging speed and code can be re-used, saving time for the developers. Unlike other languages, the framework for React.js is a UI and UX developers’ best friend, being the most readable framework.

React Native, React.js ‘little brother’ is a framework for building APPs using JavaScript library embedded in React.js. The main differentiator is it compiles native APP components, making it possible to build native mobile applications for your smart devices. React.js is the main base for DOM web platform for Native. The syntax and workflow remain similar. The advantages of using React Native for businesses is it aligns with the React.js, making it easier to use and migrate. Also, developers do not have to build the same applications for both iOS and Android, as Native allows them to reuse common logic layers.

React is the framework for building applications using JavaScript.

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