Product Expansion

Product Expansion

We have product Expansion, although COVID-19 is well underway, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for businesses, Red Robot System has developed not one, but two new software’s to add to the ever-expanding product portfolio and catalogue. One to which is offered to all leasing businesses on a national scale. We are happy to introduce our all-new Leasing system and Surveying system, both built to help surveyors and leasing proprietors grow and improve work processes.

After working with sought after businesses in the Tees Region, Red Robot Systems has decided to offer the software system solutions to a wider market, offering a better expansion of products. Even in the development stage and demo stage with clients, it was abundant how useful and business changing the software can be and equally was. The clients loved the demo from the get-go, so it only seemed right to let other businesses experience this software to its full potential.

The first software system in the new product expansion is a Leasing system. This analysis leasing business results and helps them make the financial decision accordingly. RRS lease analysis system provides businesses with reporting and statistical tools that can be interdependently on preference. Monitor pipelines, reports, datasets, and more. – the main guise of the system is enabling businesses to track quotes, navigate tools, following a strategic process of fulfilment and management.

The second software that is becoming ready to distribute is a surveying system, originally developed to help house surveyors and members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors with the formality of completing the regulatory survey application/form. It takes the paper version and changes it to an electronic copy based on a simple platform that can be completed online or offline, once monitored and completed, a PDF export is available containing all the answers inputted on the system. Utilizing prepopulated answers, reviewing house essentials, i.e. mould, building issues, drawing electronic floor-plans and more.

We look forward to continuously develop and improve our software offering.

If you are looking for a leasing system or surveying system, email or call us at 01642 634865 for more information.

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