Process & Policy Mapping

Process & Policy Mapping

We have a lot of experience in accurately mapping out your existing processes. This service helps you to articulate a process within your business to provide clarity for all users and provides you with the opportunity to find efficiencies and improvements.

Process mapping is an important step towards understanding your business, making sure that your intellectual property resides in the business and not in people’s heads. In addition to this processes allows you to: –

  • Improve quality
  • simply work
  • Reduce waste
  • Create standardisation and consistency
  • Documents best practice
  • Prepare for ISO certifications
  • Create a process-centric culture in your business

We will work with you to understand your business and how your unique business processes work, we will evaluate the inputs and outputs, authorisation paths, who is responsible for each step and to identify any existing documents and systems that make up part of your businesses processes.

We want to help you understand your business so you can improve it and ensure your customers receive a consistently excellent service. Contact us to let us know how we can help you with process improvement.

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