MS Dynamics CRM – Hints and Tips – Security Roles

MS Dynamics CRM – Hints and Tips – Security Roles

By Christopher D. Baker – 14/10/2016

How to avoid tedious Security Role creation

So rather than laboriously clicking each and every entity, we can click the name of the permission ie Create and it will automatically effect all at once, I will demonstrate this with the creation of a read only security role.

How to Create a read only security role, the fast way.

  • Go to

For 2015-2016 releases –

  • Go to Settings -> Security (for 2016, earlier it is via the Administration tab) -> Security Role

Earlier versions – 2011-2013 –

  • Site Administration ->Administration -> Security Roles
  • new
  • Role Name = “Read Only”
  • Then chose which areas via the tabs to allow access to, I created one that allows the user to see all but effect nothing.


  • Now to quickly change all the entities Read access permissions, by clicking on the ‘Read’ part and with each click will move the role security access permissions up one or more level(s).


As you can see with each click of the mouse, the role changes from User level all the way to Organisational accessibility.


Can’t create a write-to product in Quotes/ Orders /Invoices?

Then you need to give the user miscellaneous privileges, in the sales tab, depending on what is needed to be altered:



As we can see the user has been granted full business unit write-to products, for the entire sales order process.


Understanding Levels of Security

To comprehend what you are allowing,

Levels of Security


(Collett, 2016)

And the Types of Security


(Collett, 2016)


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