Microsoft Fall Event 2016

Microsoft Fall Event 2016

By Christopher D. Baker – 21/10/2016

Microsoft Fall Event 2016 – What lies in store for the fall’s press event?


With the next Microsoft press event, on October 26th this year, there has been much speculation and rumours surrounding the topics and technologies to be discussed.

What could be in-store, will it be the much rumoured Windows 10 hardware and software improvements? Surface remodelling? Security concerns?


Rising to the Surface


Sources report that the software giant is working to produce a refactored Surface PC, with the kickstand and the oft failing keyboard case, in favour of creating an all-in-one desktop pc, doing away with a touchscreen laptop.

It seems to be in the rumour mill that Microsoft is perusing the idea of a modular desktop pc with snap-in components for easy customisation and repairs. If this source is to believed [1].

While no new Surface laptop or tablet seems to be in the books, upgrades to existing devices may be.

Keyboards and Security

One of the major key note discussions will be thaes-encryption  e issue of the recent published research that brings to light the worrying vulnerabilities prevalent in wireless keyboards, this is of particular interest as it concerns a new wireless keyboard that will utilise AES encryption to prevent this issue.

The vulnerabilities allowed hackers to snatch keystrokes from the aether and use for, presumably, nefarious means.


Windows 10


Expect discussions around the new devices that Microsoft are developing to integrate with the OS, but we should see some interesting talk around software improvements.  These are currently under the code-names Redstone 2 and Redstone 3 [2], but they are keeping their cards to their chest at the moment so little can be discerned from this, but presumably they relate to Redstone 1, which was the Windows Anniversary Update [3] released back in August 2016.  So we can but speculate, though some rumours suggest they will add to existing features.


Smarter than the Average Speaker


Reports of a home speaker hub have been circulating, which would allow access to the Windows AI for basic questions, set tasks/reminders, with the possibility that it will integrate with Windows 10 machines on the home network, allowing access throughout the home to music and other media files.


 By Christopher D. Baker – 21/10/2016


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