Great Britain to fight back

Great Britain to fight back

By Christopher D. Baker – 11/11/2016

Cyber-attack at an all-time high

Great Britain Fights Back – Cyber-attacks Increasing! New cyber security strategy will be brought into effect soon, running from 2016-2021, will “Strike-Back” at the enemies of the nation.

Spearheaded by Chancellor Philip Hammond, and with double the budget than that of the previous strategy.  He speaks of taking the fight to those who threaten the UK within cyberspace, and tracking those who persist in attack with fervour and tenacity.


His speech covered those who target our infrastructure, particularly the national power grid networks and transportation systems. Coupled with a notion that these attacks appear to be originating from one country, no nations were implicated, he allegedly indicated that they might stem from Russia.  Spurned by warnings from the MI5 director general, Andrew Parker, regarding increased Russian aggression towards the UK.

Great Britain Fights Back - Cyber-attacks Increasing!

Attack of the Triple D’s

Mr. Hammond’s plan has three key areas of strategy to deal with this ever worrying state of affairs; Defence, Deter, and Develop.


Protecting the nation’s infrastructure with automated solutions, protecting key areas, as stated before, energy and transport.


Revealing, and confirming that the UK does have and are using cyber weapons.


Investing in the populace to create an army of cyber soldiers, by developing talent among student and researchers alike.


Britain Globally Leads the Way for Cyber Security

He concludes with the huge investments, the UK currently is the global leader for cyber security, the large funding and recent increase came from the Governments National Security Strategy identifying cyber attract as a ‘tier 1’ security risk to the United Kingdom.

While this is presently true, constant vigilance and effort must be done to keep pace with the ever evolving battle ground.