Fleet Management Series – Fleets taking over the World

Fleet Management Series – Fleets taking over the World

 Fleets taking over the World

By now I hope you have engaged with the other blogs, the fleet management series, if not there’s still plenty of time to catch up. This blog will explore the concept of Fleets taking over the world and if there is an argument for this.

It will touch upon:

  • How it is changing/impacting the world
  • The demand of fleet management
  • Statistics
  • Why you should consider Red Robot Systems software

Fleet Management is becoming an integral part to many businesses around the world. With an all-time high in fleets in recent years. More importantly, the fleet management business continues to grow rapidly, gaining strategic importance in changing mobility.

It has been said that today, the ability to manage and operate fleets of multi-brand vehicles is a profitable business. Tomorrow, it will be a key capability to be a success in the future of the automotive industry.

It is worth noting that in history, fleet management was dominated by primarily banks, and yet today, fleet management is held by all different shapes and sizes of industries and vehicle types, i.e. catering, haulage, construction etc.


Nearly 2 out of 3 new cars are sold to the corporate channel, most of these cars/vehicles are registered as corporate carpools or corporate fleets, just further showing how corporate cars and fleets are somewhat taking metaphorically over the world. It is a big market with an increasing demand.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty, fleets can be argued to be taking over the world with numerous countries using these types of systems. Looking at the statistical side, the total number of new vehicle registrations by companies predicted by 2020 there will be an increase of 2.9 million overall.


Swiftly, moving away from this, although Red Robot Systems is not one of the main companies in the UK. However, it does offer bespoke business solutions to your business problems, being a small company means we will always put you first, this alone is already our unique selling point. To see what else we have to offer, seek out our earlier blogs surrounding; what is fleet management software, benefits of fleet management software and choosing your fleet management software providers.

Fleet Management is taking the world by storm.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for our next blog, you would be a fool to miss it.




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