Fleet Management Series – 5 Benefits of Fleet Management software

Fleet Management Series – 5 Benefits of Fleet Management software

If you missed the introductory blog for this series, then make sure to catch up here before diving into this one. There, we summarized fleet management and some of the most common features of the software.

This time, we will be giving you 5 reasons your business could benefit from implementing fleet management software into your business. So if you don’t currently make use of one, consider these points and the benefits you could reap by investing.

  1. Improved Safety

One of the main uses of fleet management software, for larger organisations especially, is to track and keep logs of all the vehicles in the fleet. By having the ability to record daily checks and maintenance, and MOTs or annual services for individual vehicles, fleet managers are able to track patterns about driver habits and make informed decisions based on this.

  1. Reduced Admin

The accessibility of Fleet Management software makes it easier to automate most elements of a business, such as clocking in and out, logging vehicle problems, updating jobs in real time and maintenance schedules. BONUS: It also reduces the amount of paper, helping work towards that dream of a paperless office!

  1. Time-Saving

Fleet management software helps increase productivity through the use of GPS. By allowing drivers to plan routes more effectively, it saves time for not only the drivers, but also mechanics administrators and managers. GPS tracking allows real-time traffic updates and can help drivers and despatchers alter their work schedule according to driving conditions.

  1. Cost-Effective

There are several ways fleet management software can help save costs. With GPS tracking, any extra unnecessary travel can be avoided and in turn can help save money on overpaid wages. These real-time updates also allow drivers to cut any excess travel and subsequently save on fuel costs. Using the software to schedule regular vehicle maintenance.

  1. Customer Retention

In the digital age where everything is available at the click of a button, it is not surprising that customers are becoming more and more demanding especially when it comes to their purchases. This real-time tracking that we keep mentioning helps to make delivery more efficient and effective. Not only that, but the customer is able to view exactly where their delivery is, giving them the transparency that they want.

So now that you know how Fleet Management software works and what it can offer your business, you’ll want to start looking into suppliers. Next time, we’ll be running through some key things to think about when choosing your supplier to make sure you are well equipped to manage your fleet more effectively.