Your questions answered!


Here we have put together a range of Frequently Asked Questions asked by you, to give you more information regarding what we do here at Red Robot Systems and what we have to offer.

However, if you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in contact via our contact page.


What is Red Robot?

Red Robot is a software systems company located in Middlesbrough. We help businesses by developing software that make business’ life easier and run smoother. We design and build bespoke solutions, customise existing systems and automate tedious and time-consuming business process’, creating intelligent software built to improve your business.


What do I need to know before contacting you?

You need a clear idea on what you want to accomplish. Answers to the following; Why do I need this software? What should it do? How will it bring value to our business?

Read our blogs to find out more about the software we currently have and to get an idea for yourselves.



How do I create a product with you?

Firstly, if you have an idea, contact us by our online inquiry form, email or phone. Then,  we will arrange to meet with you to talk about what you want and the specs. Simply prepare as much information as possible in anticipation to the meeting or phone call.


Why should I choose Red Robot ?

We have experience in software development and love a challenge. Whether you have an idea on a software to help your business life, want an existing out of the box software system that is already devised, or want to amend one of these software’s to cater to you, by adding or removing any existing features. We are willing to compromise and do what you want. We will always be honest with you so if we don’t think the solution or concept will work or we are unable to help you in finding a solution to your problem we will tell you.


Do you have other software other than the ones listed?

We have six out of the  box pieces of software that is listed on the website. We also develop new bespoke software for clients and businesses alike. Our main mission is to help build business software for any business solutions. Have an idea that ism’t listed. Get in contact and we will help make the solution for you and your business a reality.


Do you have testimonials from satisfied clients?

Yes. Just look at our case studies and testimonials on our client’s tab under ‘What we do’ and see for yourself of what our clients have said about us.



Do I need to be tech aware/savvy to co-operate with you?

Not at all, we welcome your interest and will help you the best we can. We will be prepared to talk to you through the process step-by-step. Moreover, we are here to do the complicated tech and development side to save you time and effort.


Can Software be upgraded in the future as new technology emerges?

Yes. We are happy to improve, upgrade and develop our software to benefit you and keep up o trends and requirements.


Can I trial software before making a commitment?

Of course. On the main 6 software systems that we have created all come with a free trial period for you to test the product out before you buy. Don’t like it? Give us feedback to help us improve the system. Want any changes made? Don’t hesitate to tell us so we can make it best for you and other companies.


With the software systems you have, is it possible to add different features? Or is it a set software that cannot be amended?

All our pre-existing software can be  changed and amended for your business purpose. Don’t want one feature in? No worries we can replace it with another or just simply remove that element. Want something added to a system, for example reporting aspect? We can add it (changes made to existing software products, free trial period is limited, added costs may occur).


I can’t find any prices on the website?

All prices are bespoke and dependent on the software and requirements. Prices will be discussed with you over the phone or when an informal chat has been arranged.