Composite field renaming in CRM

Composite field renaming in CRM

Renaming the Composite Field displays in Microsoft CRM 2016

In Microsoft CRM 2016 the UI has been updated so that now the address appears as a composite field, this takes all the fields within the address and connects them together in one easy to view pop out screen. It looks like this: –








Whilst this is a neat solution the perfectionist in me dislikes the fact that it refers to US terms in regards to the address as indicated above, it refers to State/Province and ZIP codes which are not used here in the UK. In previous iterations of CRM you used to just change the name of the field but this does not update it on the composite address. To fix it you need to do the following: –

  • Go into Settings, Customisation and then customise the system, you should see the pop up screen below.










  • Click on Web Resources on the left hand menu and then click New. On the pop up screen that appears (see image below) enter a name and Display name. In the type field select Script (Jscript) from the drop down options and then click on Text Editor.

  • When you click on the text editor a new pop up screen will appear, this is where you will amend the labels. You will need to enter the following to change the State/Province and Zip/Postal Code labels. Once completed click OK and then click save on the Web Resource form

  • You now need to assign this Web Resource into the form you wish to change. The composite address appears on the “Account” and “Contact” entities, To do this go into the Customisation section and select the form you wish to change then select the Main form to enact the changes.

  • When the Form layout appears, select the field you wish to edit click on the Form Properties icon across the top

  • The Form Properties editor should now appear, click the Add button to add the web resource you have just created. In the bottom section of the editor, set event to “OnLoad” from the drop down menu and click add. Here just add the name of the Web Resource from the drop down list. It will require you to enter some text in a field called “Function” you must add the JavaScript name that you used on the script (in my example “changeaddressnames”). Then Click OK and Save

  • Publish all the customisations and refresh the form. Now your customisations should come up as per your changes.

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