Channel Partnership. What is it and Why you should become a Partner?

Channel Partnership. What is it and Why you should become a Partner?

In light of the new scheme Red Robot have on offer, Channel Partnership, we thought it would only be fitting to do a quick blog on the matter discussing its relevance and why companies are taking the lead and getting involved.

The growth of companies including and getting involved in partnership schemes are becoming increasingly higher. With more companies getting involved, the question is why are companies opting for it? What exactly do they get out of it?

What is a Channel Partner?

Firstly, what is it? A channel partner is defined as a company that partners with a manufacturer or producer i.e. wholesaler to market and sell the manufacturers products, services or technologies. It can be done through co-branding relationships or white label agreements. Many companies use it to help build lasting relationships and for extra publicity and marketing.

There tends to be three types of partnership levels involved.

Three types of Partnership Scheme:

  1. Introducer
  2. Advocate
  3. Reseller

These names may differ dependent on industry*

Introducer is typically where the partner makes a direct introduction between their own client and the vendor.

Advocate is where the partner directs client and others to the vendor without making a formal introduction.

Reseller is where the partner sells the vendors product on the vendors behalf.

Why become a Channel Partner?

Lastly, these relationship schemes provide an opportunity for vendors to promote certain products/services, as mentioned earlier. In response, the vendors will offer a range of either discounts, technical support, lead generation tools etc.

It also allows the partner to earn more revenue from an additional product stream.

The solutions could easily be ones that complement their own product offering and seen as an extra.

Alternatively, they could be completely left field but still something they know that they could sell or has demand from their clients. Additionally, it allows the stress and management of product delivery being taken out of the equation as it won’t necessarily by them delivering the solution.

In reality, there are many benefits of becoming a Channel partner:

  • Greater consistency and predictability of interactions
  • Greater profitability
  • Increased productivity and loyalty

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