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Getting to know more about our languages: React.js & React Native

We have talked a lot of about coding and programming recently ever since #NationalCodingWeek, it doesn’t seem right how software developers, UI and UX developers and businesses often take programming language for granted. Most of our solutions created and designed use the most common and popular variations of codes there is, React.js and React Native as the front-end and Laravel as the back end. Reactive Native has been around for a few years, becoming the key framework for Android, allowing cross-platform mobile APPs to be created. To coincide with React Native, React.JS is a form of open-source, front end JavaScript library for building UI components or user interfaces.

“React Native is a framework for building mobile applications with JavaScript and leveraging React.js and it uses native UI components.”

React.js was created as a new faster way to render web pages. As the original React language, React Native was released later. This JavaScript library is responsible for building the UI components in order, to render the UI components. It provides support for the server side and front end of pages. The main reason this language is used widely in businesses is because o the document object model (DOM), Reacts model is the fastest version to use, it is the coding language built for speed. Alongside, speed, React.js helps improve debugging speed and code can be re-used, saving time for the developers. Unlike other languages, the framework for React.js is a UI and UX developers’ best friend, being the most readable framework.

React Native, React.js ‘little brother’ is a framework for building APPs using JavaScript library embedded in React.js. The main differentiator is it compiles native APP components, making it possible to build native mobile applications for your smart devices. React.js is the main base for DOM web platform for Native. The syntax and workflow remain similar. The advantages of using React Native for businesses is it aligns with the React.js, making it easier to use and migrate. Also, developers do not have to build the same applications for both iOS and Android, as Native allows them to reuse common logic layers.

React is the framework for building applications using JavaScript.

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The Power of Fulfilment Systems

ERP and fulfillment systems for businesses doesn’t have to cost a lot. It also doesn’t have to be complicated. It almost seems like there’s a taboo surrounding fulfillment systems/ERP, when in fact if you have the right tools it can be as easy as 1,2,3. The Power of Fulfilment Systems encompasses intelligent applications and systems working coherently together.

Some people may be wondering what exactly is an ERP, firstly it stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, to put it in a different light, it works as a fulfillment system that enables systems to be linked together, different servers running on different systems, but still be categorized as one interface.

The development of this system is to keep everyone and anyone in the businesses on the same page and connected. It deals with the main touchpoints of any business, being fully flexible and tailored to the requirements of businesses. It enables businesses to scale faster and grow smarter, whilst maintaining a unified experience and view of your business. Allowing managers to run the entirety of the business in one integrated space.

ERP often takes into consideration the CRM element of the business and functionality, alongside having categories for purchasing, HR and payroll, field service, procurement and sorting, supply chain management, manufacturing, finance, and sales.

People often don’t know what to look for in this system. So, before you start looking for the perfect system, research thoroughly how your business and employees work and what your requirements are, these will help you pinpoint the relevant features and key needs to help your business grow.

It doesn’t take much searching to know that there a plenty of different offerings on the table for this system, but just because one shows up at the top of the search history doesn’t mean it’s the right one for your business. That is why it is worth doing the necessary research to find the best in the market that has the right characteristics for you.

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What is a Customer Portal? Why should I get one?

What is a Customer Portal? Why should I get one? Is a common question asked. A customer portal is a must-have tool for customer & service orientated organizations. Portals offer a secure storage space to let customers and clients share and store important documents or information. It provides a secure digital gateway to the organization’s network to its clients solidifying processes and relationships. Accessed via the company’s main website, through account logins and passwords.

  1. A) The organization can control who has access to the portal.
  2. B) The customer is assured by an extra layer of security.

Customer portals cater to all lifestyles – on the go and accessible anywhere and at any time; our personal technology has generated an expectation that we should be able to get information and process transactions instantaneously – Customer Portals make this happen. Customer self-service is also coming more and more prevalent; surveys have indicated that up to 70% of people want to or need to solve service or product issues on their own with getting involved with an agent. Customer portals enable customers to solve problems themselves whatever the time of day, reducing the dependency on the company and times.

In the current business environment, 90% of UK customers expect businesses to have their own customer portal that is self-service, to have better communication and processes implemented. The systems and processes are the central cogs of your business, not people. It further creates a system where your customers are doing the work, they used to require you to do, freeing up your time to do other tasks.

Portal features:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Make customers self-reliant
  • It can create communities
  • Save time and money
  • Information is easily accessible

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A Guide to Troubleshooting your Software

Before calling it quits or call for software support, take a look at the guide to troubleshooting your software from the comfort of your home or office.


Free up RAM space 

The more software a device is running, the more RAM it uses. If a software program/system refuses to load up or is slow, a good step to try and solve this is to close all the other applications that maybe running in the background to free up RAM space.

  • In Windows, press buttons Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then choose the Start Task Manager option. From the window that appears, click the Processes tab, then click the Memory menu item. This sorts all open processes based on the amount of RAM they’re using. You can shut down a runaway process by clicking the End Process button. Before you do that, you may want to do a bit of research on the process to ensure that you don’t accidentally stop a critical process or program.
  • In Mac OS X, use the Activity Monitor (called the Process Viewer in older versions of OS X). Access Activity Monitor by going to Applications > Utilities. Once you’ve open Activity Monitor, sort programs based on RAM usage by clicking the column labeled “Real Memory.”

Restart the Software

The simplest troubleshooting tip is restarting the program. Problems often stem from conflict with other programs. 

Restart the Computer

If above didn’t work, try restarting and closing down the computer or device that you are trying to ope the software on.

Uninstall the software, then Reinstall

Underlying problems to software failures include critical files have been either updated, deleted or removed. 

Undo any recent hardware/software changes

Any updates and changes to these can cause problems. This could be because of conflicts with other software or changes to computer settings. Undo any changes and run the software again. 

Scan for Malware & Viruses

Viruses and malware can hinder the efficiency of software and programs, effecting the speed, accessibility and so on. If the other tips haven’t worked, perform a computer scan of your computer with anti-virus/anti-malware tools.

Software Patches

More often than not, when you get a software from a vendor/software providers, they may fix the bugs and patches within the software by offering updates to address the problems. Often, you might not have the latest update.


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8 Challenges Facing your business

With the ever-changing and ever-adapting environment. There are many challenges that your business face in the coming days, weeks, months, years. This infographic highlights just some of the challenges you and your business needs to consider,8 challenges facing your business.

Did you know a range of software systems and solutions can help you with some of these challenges? Read for more details.

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The Art of Progressive Web APPs (PWA)

These are a type of application software that is delivered via the web, built using common web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. but, these are intended to work on any device platform – in a way that ascertains the same user experience as typical mobile phone applications.

Web APPs act in the same way as web pages or attempts to act as web pages. They behave like a normal typical APP when accessed and installed on any mobile, tablet device. These APPs are becoming more progressive and easier to maintain and develop than the typical native applications. They utilize the best aspects and features of web and mobile applications, with the addition of a vast web ecosystem, community, and plugins.

Progressive Web APPs (PWA) are like any standard web page/APP, they primarily behave like such, they can send web push notifications, work actively offline and can be attached as an APP or widget to mobile devices home page.

There is a key benefit for utilizing a PWA rather than developing a standard web application and mobile application (one for iOS and one for Android). Establishing a PWA saves expenditure on software development, making just one PWA is easier and less time consuming than a separate web and mobile application.


What is a PWA and why should you utilize it?

  • It should be fast and easy to use
  • Offline support
  • APP should run securely utilizing the common code – i.e. HTTPS
  • Easier to develop and maintain than native applications
  • They combine best features of web and mobile APPs
  • Do not need to access on APP stores


Product Expansion

We have product Expansion, although COVID-19 is well underway, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for businesses, Red Robot System has developed not one, but two new software’s to add to the ever-expanding product portfolio and catalogue. One to which is offered to all leasing businesses on a national scale. We are happy to introduce our all-new Leasing system and Surveying system, both built to help surveyors and leasing proprietors grow and improve work processes.

After working with sought after businesses in the Tees Region, Red Robot Systems has decided to offer the software system solutions to a wider market, offering a better expansion of products. Even in the development stage and demo stage with clients, it was abundant how useful and business changing the software can be and equally was. The clients loved the demo from the get-go, so it only seemed right to let other businesses experience this software to its full potential.

The first software system in the new product expansion is a Leasing system. This analysis leasing business results and helps them make the financial decision accordingly. RRS lease analysis system provides businesses with reporting and statistical tools that can be interdependently on preference. Monitor pipelines, reports, datasets, and more. – the main guise of the system is enabling businesses to track quotes, navigate tools, following a strategic process of fulfilment and management.

The second software that is becoming ready to distribute is a surveying system, originally developed to help house surveyors and members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors with the formality of completing the regulatory survey application/form. It takes the paper version and changes it to an electronic copy based on a simple platform that can be completed online or offline, once monitored and completed, a PDF export is available containing all the answers inputted on the system. Utilizing prepopulated answers, reviewing house essentials, i.e. mould, building issues, drawing electronic floor-plans and more.

We look forward to continuously develop and improve our software offering.

If you are looking for a leasing system or surveying system, email or call us at 01642 634865 for more information.

Why websites are vital for economic growth.

There has been a lot of news recently surrounding concerns that some businesses have raised during the outcome of COVID-19. Websites are vital. The main issue being the loss of money, some businesses have come to light in the news lately, having experienced significant job loss, money loss, and some of which have closed their doors and their business down. In one case, a store shut down its physical stores but continues to sell and work online with their website. That is why it is becoming more necessary to have a fully functional website implemented to enable sales and custom. Today’s buying behaviour trend emphasizes the importance of websites on businesses, especially e-commerce sites.

This article notes some reasons why a website is vital for economic grow when in unprecedented times of uncertainty.

Sales are vital to every business, it is the primary way that keeps a business running successfully, many businesses are moving away from brick and mortar stores to online platforms. Improving sales is the best way to enhance the success of the business. The importance of websites cannot be overstated. A website does more than sell products and services, it provides accessibility around the clock, added value, and a source of brand identity.

By having an online presence, more consumers can be reached at any given time, bringing more opportunities to make a sale. Developing a website does not automatically mean you will get more sales, however SEO of your website, equally improves a business chance of increasing revenue and economic growth.

A study found that more clients trust a business more if there is a website to buy of or at least view the goods and services.

Reasons for the importance of websites and why websites are vital in B2B and B2C sales and economic growth.

  • Maintain economic growth and expenditure
  • Build credibility
  • Provide accessibility around the clock
  • Make the Right First Impression with Professional Web Design
  • Increase website sales

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Red Robot Celebrates IWD2020 For the First Time

‘An equal world is an enabled world’ #EachforEqual #IWD2020

It’s the run-up to International Women’s day 2020 (IWD2020), a day many businesses, industries alike celebrate the achievements of women and female empowerment. With only two days to go, Red Robot is celebrating early, it’s the first time since its establishment that we can celebrate this day, thanks to our Marketing Manager. 

The day has been observed since the early 1900s, it is now recognized by the entire world on the 8th March each year. It brings together a vast amount of different female organizations, corporations, and charities to mark a fantastic historical event.

Since it’s the first time celebrating, we sent our Marketing Manager Jenny Jackson to the Assist IWD2020.  Where she, and many others connected and network, alongside celebrating and marking the day.

When posed the question, ‘what empowered you?’, Jenny explained “not just one thing empowers me, its many things, being able to have gone and achieve not 1 but 2 degrees was amazing, something I never thought I would be able to do. From a young age, I conquered learning difficulties, acted as a young carer and faced many significant situations that have shaped me as a person.” She continued “although it was difficult, I wouldn’t change it, it has helped me evolve as a human being, re-emphasizing that I am capable of anything, I just want to keep learning and working on becoming the very best version of myself. It empowers me to have the chances that I have had, and I make sure to hang on to these chances throughout life”.

When asked what advice would you give to women who want to work in business she replied: “not give up, everything is possible, there’s a tonne of different stories of empowerment and women’s achievement that should be considered, gender doesn’t reflect your capabilities. You are your own person and you decide what your future holds.”

We want to thank Jenny for all the hard-work she has put in since joining our team.

Happy IWD2020

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