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Crypto Currency and Blockchains

Contents1 Distributed Systems:2 Crypto Currency:3 Blockchain:4 What makes the Blockchain secure?5 Some of the Cryptography explained: Distributed Syst

Microsoft Fall Event 2016

By Christopher D. Baker – 21/10/2016 Microsoft Fall Event 2016 – What lies in store for the fall’s press event? Contents1 Speculatio

MS Dynamics CRM – Hints and Tips – Security Roles

By Christopher D. Baker – 14/10/2016 Contents1 How to avoid tedious Security Role creation1.0.1 How to Create a read only security role, the fas

Computer Vision – Image recognition and eBay.

By Christopher D. Baker – 10/10/2016 With the recent announcement of eBay’s acquisition of Corrigon (1), a computer vision focused company bas

Creating software using Kanban

Contents1 What is Kanban? Kanban (Literally means “Signboard” in Japanese) is a methodology of managing tasks within a project. It works to help c

Isn’t it time you updated that old system?

We all know that business is constantly evolving, growing and changing which is something we as individuals all accept and adapt to, so why not insis