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Is Fake Facebook News getting out of hand?

I’m sure you’ll be aware of Facebook and probably even aware of its news features. Like all systems it isn’t perfect, however its flaws are very

Red Robot’s Jargon article series: Number 2 – The Internet of things

The second instalment of our jargon article series covers The Internet of Things (or IoT as its known). IoT is the concept of connecting devices and a

Red Robot’s Jargon article series: Number 1 – Freemium

Number 1 – Freemium Welcome to the first instalment of our jargon article series – here we are going to take popular terms around software and

Welsh Scientist have used the AI that Facebook and eBay uses to identify serial killers.

By Christopher D. Baker – 25/11/16 Welsh Scientists use Computer Vision AI to Hunt Serial Killers, sources state. University researchers have fo

The 7 Benefits of Bespoke Software

Whether to use of the shelf software or whether to build custom software is a question a lot of businesses ask themselves when wanting to use software

Great Britain to fight back

By Christopher D. Baker – 11/11/2016 Contents1 Cyber-attack at an all-time high2 Attack of the Triple D’s2.1 Defence2.2 Deter2.3 Develop3 Brit

Why do software projects fail? A brief look into effective project management

Why do software projects fail? A brief look into project management We are in a boom for software projects, mobile applications, SaaS and the evolutio

Google-Skynet is here

By Christopher D. Baker – 04/11/2016 Contents1 Google Brain Creating Skynet? Can AI Hide Messages?1.1 Can artificial intelligence (AI) create it


Programming – what it is and where it’s going Programming as a concept is still as it has always been – the process of writing computer programs

Microsoft Excel Vs Bespoke software applications

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful, versatile and highly useable tool, in the right hands it can be a powerful system to help manage key aspects of yo