We like to think we are pretty up to speed with what’s going on in our world and industry so we are always posting new stories and our thoughts on software, software development and systems which we thought we’d share with you here.

Process Automation – why isn’t everyone doing this?

Automation of work processes to improve productivity and free up time for higher-value work seems like a no-brainer for most organisations. Yet, it is

Will Microsoft’s latest acquisition mean an update for our favorite Office tools?

Microsoft recently announced it has acquired a company called Intentional Software – a company that develops platforms and team based applications.

Software UI & UX – Trying to get it right

UI (user interface) and UX (User Experience) are key components in any Software Development project. This is often referred to as the “Front end”

Why work with a software developer when building your digital product

In our ever digital world many businesses employ people who have the technical skills to deliver a software solution into their business directly so w

What sort of Software packages should a start-up look to have in their business?

One of our clients is a building company who focus on developing commercial space for businesses. I was speaking with their MD recently and asked him

Being a software company in North East England

Being a software development business in North East England is certainly a roller coaster ride with lots of pros and cons to it: – On one hand i

Software pricing: on premise vs cloud

The costs of software can vary depending on whether you choose cloud based software or on premise software. We have previously written about scenarios

Top software trends in 2017 and beyond

With New Year now a distant memory and the cold dark nights coming to an end we can start to look optimistically at what to expect from the Software/

Red Robot’s Jargon article series: The Cloud & Cloud computing

The 8th and last in our jargon series (for the time being at least) looks at the concept of cloud computing. The cloud is an emergent type of computin

Red Robot’s Jargon article Series: Number 7 – Mobile Applications (Apps)

The 7th article in our Jargon Series looks at mobile applications (commonly referred to as apps) and how they can be utilised to create bespoke softwa