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What is Blockchain and Bitcoin

Blockchain and Bitcoin are two words that are used increasingly in today’s lexicon, its everywhere and has become increasingly newsworthy with the r

How long to reach 50m users

This infographic shows how long it took some of the world’s most famous and popular products to reach 50 million users. It’s interesting to see ho

Those annoying passwords you have to enter may be getting easier

To help our online security almost everything web based we have rightly has the obligatory user name and password. The user name is always the easy bi

The rise of remote working vs the tech not allowing it to flourish

Our work habits and requirements are ever shifting towards becoming more mobilised. Today workers and managers spend more time out of the office yet w

Microsoft Paint – staying or going?

It was broadcast last week that Microsoft was going to remove or no longer develop Paint. It released a list of Software it intends to deprecate (mean

A B2C approach to developing B2B software

The B2C market is dominated by those organisations that everyone knows and loves including Facebook, Google and Amazon. One of the reasons for their p

Microsoft donates source code to The Computer History Museum

Microsoft donated the source code of MS DOS 1.1 and 2 to the Computer History Museum (CHM), along with the first version of Word for Windows last mont

PC Sales Q1 results

PC sales fell by 2.4% to 62.2 million units in the first quarter of 2017 when compared with the same period in 2016. Two main reasons were initially p

Windows gets beat for the first time ever as the most popular OS

Android recently beat Windows by the smallest of margins, just 0.02% to be the most popular operating system based on data from March 2017. Android pi

How SME’s should protect themselves from cyber crime

We have heard a lot of bad news recently in relation to cybercrime with the much publicised WannaCry ransom-ware attacks that hit over 100 countries l