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4 Reasons your Business needs a Project Management Software

No matter the size or scale of your company, it is likely that you will have numerous projects in the pipeline. It often involves teams of people work

The Robots are Coming…but are they after our jobs?

Despite the field of artificial intelligence not yet having provided us with essential tea-making robots or machines to make our beds, it is undoubted

What does software look like & how does it work?

We often get asked what software looks like and how it works. I must have tried to explain it one hundred different ways but I often feel like I leave

Document mgmt. series: The dream of a paperless office

Personally I hate clutter and mess – I am a bit of a neat freak as my friends will attest. I especially can’t stand clutter on desks, I think that

Document mgmt. series: Why use a document management system instead of emails

Why use a document management system instead of emails? This is the biggest rebuttal we hear when we tell people about document management systems. Em

Room Booking

When it comes to booking a room I know a lot of people will be like me and assume it’s got something to do with a holiday or an event…No just me?

Document mgmt. series: why should I have one in my business?

This is the first article we are writing in a mini-series all about document management, how it can help your business and the tips you can use to hel

Document Management System

GDPR an abbreviation that is enough to make businesses and their workers go into meltdown. What is it? What does it mean? Can I still do this? HELP!!!

Why get a customer portal

A customer portal is becoming a must-have tool for customer & service orientated organisations. Typically these portals are accessed via the organ

What is Blockchain and Bitcoin

Blockchain and Bitcoin are two words that are used increasingly in today’s lexicon, its everywhere and has become increasingly newsworthy with the r