7 Challenges facing Businesses today

7 Challenges facing Businesses today

This blog focuses on the 7 challenges facing businesses today. Many businesses come across complications on a regular basis, some businesses believe that you can single-handed solve and combat these issues without any help. But consultants repeatedly state that some issues are out of the business owners expertise.

Running a business is not as simple as imagined, analogy based its like competing against crashing waves. These problems crashing against the business, but essentially coming out of the other side more often than not in one piece.

7 Challenges businesses are facing listed below:

Financial Management

Many small and medium businesses do not necessarily hire a financial manager, but by utilizing financial software would help combat financial challenges posed in the business environment. Many CEO’s and directors don’t often view the bigger image when looking at financials – cash flows, financing, profit margins and reducing costs. By adopting a software solution like Purchase Order Processing (POP) it enables businesses to digitally create and submit purchase orders alongside tracking any invoices.

Regulation & Compliance

Rules and regulations change as markets and tech shifts. For businesses to keep up with these changes its vital for them to pay attention and know what to do in these circumstances. For instance GDPR compliance in recent years has become vital and detrimental to all/or most businesses. Since big data came about. Keeping compliant helps businesses in the long-run.

Exploding Data

Many studies and research highlight that 90% of the worlds data was created in recent years. Primarily due to the ever increasing amount of data a company produces. Most to which needs to be handled delicately and securely. This alone can be considered as one of the newest dangerous threats we – individually and as a society face. Related to what was discussed in compliance GDPR is a norm.


Technology is changing at the speed of light, businesses need to change and become innovative otherwise they face the threat of being left behind and even a laggard. It can sometimes be hard to for directors and CEOs to change there way of thinking, as majority of these existed before technology. Integration is vital for development.

Monitoring Performance

KPIs provide business insights towards how a business is acting. Not everyone is an expert in KPIs no matter their experience, this challenge if not looked at properly will struggle with communicating their unique selling points and key performance indicators. A solution for this would be through a strategic Sales & CRM system.

Customer Service

Improving customer service is an ongoing challenge faced by all, made ever so harder due to the advance of technology and word of mouth. The current generation values have changed dramatically to the last. The likes of instant gratification, social media and other trends have effected the overall running of customer service.

Maintaining Reputation

Last but not least, maintaining customer reputation is in hand with customer service. it is becoming harder to maintain and monitor their business reputation.

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