Red Robot Systems

Red Robot Systems Ltd provide bespoke business software solutions for all your needs. We are a software & systems development company based in the growing digital cluster of Tees Valley. We have a wide range of experience in delivering systems & software development and consultancy that has a positive impact on business.

Our focus is on building bespoke business software solutions or giving you advice around your key operational systems that make a difference and help you manage your team more effectively so you can focus on growing your business.

We can help improve your business through software development, systems integration and a whole range of other solutions designed to help your systems and processes work for you. So if you are looking to solve a business problem or create new possibilities through developing new software get in touch with our friendly team at Red Robot Systems today – we want to hear your stories and how you plan to move your business onto the next level through efficient systems and software development.

Fleet Management & Tracking

Solutions to help you manage your fleet, look after your assets and ensure legal compliance as well as improving safety all in real time.

Document Management

Control your business data with workflow and features such as version control and authorisation. These solutions will help your business go paperless.

Pricing & Quoting Calculators

Building bespoke tools to help your team through the sales process. Our pricing tools are easy to use, functional and accurate.

Payroll Solutions

We provide a wide range of tools to help you manage the administrative side of your payroll processes. Our solutions include authorisation workflow and functionality

Contract Management

We’ve developed solutions that help manage the contractual agreements you have in place with your clients, these ensure that you are satisfying your clients’ needs effectively and efficiently

HR & Admin Solutions

Our team has built a wide range of back office solutions designed to manage the administrative functions that make your business tick.

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Latest news

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